I was always under the impression that sex education wasn’t as informative as it could be. It wasn’t until I reached my 20’s, I realised the missed opportunity to learn about my body.

Between 2007 and 2012, my classmates and I were taught briefly about STI’s, PMS, mental illness, and why we shouldn’t do drugs. We didn’t have shows like Big Mouth (2017) and Sex Education (2019) destigmatising sexual health and resolving questions left unanswered by our education system.

I hope enough time has passed for the curriculum to change but in case it hasn’t, here are the things I…

There wasn’t something going around.

But I see why he’d say that.

Because it’s easier to call them rumours than to pay closer attention.

The thing going around was women sharing stories of their experiences with him. Either in bed or soon after with messages the next day demanding he not be spoken to like a rapist.

“Look at it from my perspective”

“Look at it from mine”

Said the man who took his clothes off first.

Calling them rumours might ease your own concerns and pave the way for the next casualties but I hope your eyes dart when…

A year and a half since my last hospital admission.

Five days after my graduation ceremony and the morning after Post Malone’s concert. Tiredness and nothingness seemed to be reoccurring motifs throughout my life but at this that stage they had almost entirely taken over.

I never thought of myself as someone with an Eating Disorder — that title seemed too esteem for myself and the crumbled body attached. Then again, maybe that was the first sign.

Between 18–19, I smoked my fair share of weed resulting in a bit of weight. My sister was looking to sell the bridesmaids dresses we wore at her wedding and asked me to…

Between 2005 and 2011, Tyra Banks, former model and judge of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) hosted her talk-show: The Tyra Banks Show.

Throughout the series, episodes centred on bullying, drug abuse, sex work and racial inequalities. Amongst these were less groundbreaking instalments of extreme makeovers, dating disasters, Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit for a week, and “ANTM Graduation Parties”.

In 2007, The Tyra Banks Show aired “Teens in the Sex Trade”. Banks spoke with a fourteen-year-old sex worker, an older woman who had once worked in the pornographic film industry but ultimately regretted her decision and Sasha Grey…

There’s no greater feeling then getting ploughed by someone you’d consider a stranger if their dick wasn’t in you. Whether it’s a few back and forth tinder messages, eye contact that was possibly held for too long at a bar or your on-call fuckbuddy.

When your body and crippling mental health issues can’t handle the comedown of blow and pills and submerging yourself into films and television shows doesn’t make the cut anymore. You ask yourself what the next best thing you can throw yourself into is.

Source: Mabel Vicentef via Live FAST Magazine

You know this is something you probably shouldn’t be doing and not for…

Child Stars are notorious for their downward spirals once their pre-teen cuteness wears off and they’re thrown not only into puberty but also out of the spotlight before the next new thing is quickly shuffled in front of the camera only for the cycle to continue.

Well-known examples of this are Lindsay Lohan who publicly battled with addiction for years. Nickelodeon alumni Amanda Bynes was one that seemingly was doing well until her 2012 DUI and the mental health issues she faced onwards. Leading up to her eating disorder, Mary Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley were in the limelight…

A varying assortment of typical characters we may or may not play out in our day to day lives. Ranging anywhere from “mean girl”, “cool girl” or “girly-girl” to “diva”, “hot mess”, “workaholic”, etc.

In my own description, I see a “trope” and even an “archetype” as sort of a cliche. A stereotype of how we believe someone should be based on their style, choice of words, or even the music they listen to.

The goth could never like Ariana Grande, the bad girl’s favourite pass time is smoking cigarettes and getting royally fucked up, a girly-girl who doesn’t own…

I’m sure one day, I will be able to swiftly go through all the benefits of overcoming or at least working to overcome your eating disorder but today isn’t that day.

When it’s good, it somewhat sits at a solid mediocre or a fine line that says “well, you’re functioning — so that’s a plus”. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I look at my body and don’t want to punch something repeatedly or go for an anxious walk but other times its just shit.

Congratulations, you’re having a bad day. Maybe someone said something to you, or…

I recently re-watched one of my favourite T.V shows; Glee.

Glee: Season One, Episode Twelve: Mattress

The first three seasons are absolutely iconic to my teenage self and although I do find them difficult to re-watch due to the tragic passing of Cory Monteith in 2013, I still have a great appreciation for Ryan Murphy, the cast, the characters and the messages they convey — well, mostly.

The series follows a Spanish teacher at William McKinley high school, Will Schuester, who decides to take over the school’s glee club (the New Directions). Maybe it’s to ease that burning sensation he has to rap Sisqo or perhaps…

I don’t think it’s uncommon to look back and wonder what it would be like to redo high school as this current self. I’d likely be more insightful, more compassionate to those around me, and take a greater interest in what I was learning or just completely d*ck around because I knew that the marks received on the HSC don’t really mean much in the real world.

All they really are is a quick ticket into uni, which is fine! But I wish I didn’t think it was an all or nothing type of deal. I spent six months studying…

Lidya Saliba

Sydney based writer taking a look into culture, media and mental health. For business enquiries please contact via linkedin.com/in/lidya-saliba/

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